Why We Love Managed WiFi (And You Should, Too!)

Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi is an enterprise-grade alternative to a home-based wireless network provider that enables a business to outsource the various tasks involved in configuring, securing, maintaining, laying out, installing, monitoring and/or updating a WiFi network to a professional vendor. This saves the business manager time and money as well as providing greater flexibility to the employees who can use their current working knowledge of the software and hardware to optimize performance and save money on their own. Managed WiFi solutions are used for data centers, for large buildings, for hospitals, commercial businesses, and for anywhere there is a need to optimize wireless network performance.

The Managed WiFi service providers have a group of highly trained experts with many years of hands-on experience in setting up, securing, maintaining and running multiple wireless networks and multiple access points. They will have the latest software and hardware in order to meet the latest standards and requirements. They can also provide any other services like data backup, security management, device management, etc. at a very competitive rate. Some of these service providers may even offer their managed services for free with the installation of the client’s WiFi equipment.

Managed WiFi has the ability to help the business achieve greater productivity by improving workforce efficiency. With a managed system, the support team can help the business to assess each individual employee’s work in terms of efficiency and spend time on those areas which are yielding more productivity. They can also ensure that the right permissions are granted to each employee on the various wifi networks. For example, they can set up group WiFi networks for employees that have the same mobile devices, or they can assign permissions to different devices based on whether they belong to the same network or not.

There are many advantages of installing managed wifi solutions over the traditional WLAN approach.

The primary advantage is that the entire network infrastructure is located within the enterprise. This helps to cut costs since there is only one infrastructure to manage instead of multiple infrastructures. Moreover, the whole infrastructure is automated, and the software is programmed to automatically assign access points according to the usage level. It also manages the management of the connection between the wireless networks. Managed wifi solutions provide excellent coverage since it can cover large workplace spaces, or large expanses of rural areas.

The WLAN approach has limited flexibility and does not cover all possible locations.

It also limits the distance over which a company or organization can reach out to the internet. A company or an enterprise setting cannot afford to expand its geographical reach. Hence, a managed wifi services provider offers flexible wireless network designs, which can easily accommodate expanding the enterprise’s geographical reach.

Since a managed wifi solution uses only one infrastructure for all the networks in a corporate set-up, there is no need for any expansion of workforce, as the geographical reach is also very limited. One can also get unlimited connectivity for the different applications in various departments simultaneously. Businesses enjoy several advantages through managed wifi solutions. These include:

Managed WiFi solutions are not only beneficial for large enterprises but also for medium-sized companies. It can easily handle the growth in the size of a particular business over a period of time. The company does not have to look for additional staff to handle the networking traffic in case the number of users increases. Also, these Managed WiFi services providers offer the guarantee of high quality network connectivity.

  • Managed wifi solutions to ensure seamless connectivity at various business operations centers.
  • It can manage all the wireless networks within an enterprise and handle the traffic coming in and going out of the business location.
  • The Managed WiFi Service provider can even provide wireless access points at individual offices.
  • There are multiple ways by which a managed wireless service provider can serve the needs of a large business enterprise.